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Ogof Daren Cilau 

With its long and arduous entrance series leading to large and extensively decorated passages, a trip into Daren is a journey into a special place. A trip to the end of Daren Cilau leads you to one of the remotest places in the UK, with an overnight stay required for all but the most insane! Daren's Entrance Series has been explored and endured by many keen explorers since the 50's, however during 1984-6 a series major extensions were made to the system establishing it as a major focal point for caving on Llangatwg.

Since then Daren Cilau has stubbornly resisted major extensions, but the mountain still holds great potential for new discoveries. Due to the remote nature of many parts of the cave and the extremity of the entrance series, camping is still common place in Daren Cilau.

During March 1986 Marytn Farr established a diving connection with Pwll Y Cwm. The through trip from Pwll Y Cwm is one of the longest and deepest in Britain. During Autumn 2002, members of CSS in particular Arthur Millett, established a further entrance to Daren Cilau, now called Ogof Cnwc by extensive digging in Price's Dig.

This site is intended as a resource for information on the exploration of Ogof Daren Cilau, maintained by regular 'Daren' campers.

Daren Cilau is situated on the Llangatwg escarpment above Crickhowell in Powy's South Wales, grid reference: SO2052 1530

As an introduction to Daren, This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it  has provided an extract from "Visiting The Caves of Llangattock Mountain" here:

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